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Tracking Fluctuations in Cost Price and List Price (MRP) for Products on Amazon India

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Tracking Fluctuations in Price for Products on Amazon India
Tracking Fluctuations in Price for Products on Amazon India


Costflux displays historical price data of products from Amazon (India) using an interactive user friendly graph. This helps you determine when the product's price gets dropped or increased and when is good time to buy.

How does it work?

We scan all products periodically to find any changes in price. If a price change is detected then we update our historical data and reflect the same using an interactive and user friendly graph.

Awesome Features

we have built in awesome features, more features coming soon

Save Money

Get the best price from historical price data and save money while shopping on Amazon.

Detect Fake Deals

You can easily detect fake deals and fake discounted prices using our price chart.

Interactive Graphs

All historical data is displayed in an interactive way using graphs with lots of built-in features.

Completely Free

Use of this site is completely FREE. Search as much products as you wish..


we aim at providing benefits for buyers as well as sellers on Amazon India, and of course it has analytical advantage for data analysts

For Buyers

Get best price and best time to buy a products without paying exra money.

For Sellers

Get full historical price information of your products as well as competitors

For Data Analysts

Opportunity to analyse fluctuations in cost price and list price and its impacts on sale